Pedro Pinto


He began his studies in Portuguese Guitar in 1993 and teaches at Conservatório de Música do Porto since 2010. Has a wide experience in national and foreign stages, in the creation of teaching material and takes part in several Coimbra’s Fado and guitar albums.


He began his musical studies in piano at the age of eight and, at 15, he studied classical guitar with Amândio Ribeiro, in Leiria.

In 1993, in Oporto, he began studying Portuguese Guitar with guitarist Eduardo Jorge, in the Lisbon technique, and in 1994 he embraced the study of guitar with Paulo Soares, already in his Coimbrã strand.

In 1996, he started teaching introductory classes in Portuguese Guitar, a job that he has been developing along with Paulo Soares, by creating a more effective learning method and innovative pedagogical material, practically non-existent to date.

He has taken part, since 1997, in several Fado and Coimbra’s guitar related recordings. From that year on, he’s been teaching at the Oficina de Música, in Aveiro, and, in 2002, he attended the Conservatório de Música do Porto with teacher Paulo Soares.

In 2005, he started teaching Portuguese Guitar at the Vianamúsica school, in Viana do Castelo, and was invited to teach at Escola de Jazz do Porto in the following year.

In 2010 he was invited to teach at the Conservatório de Música do Porto, where he currently develops the teaching of Portuguese Guitar.

He has over 20 years of experience in Portuguese and foreign stages.