Carla Cortez



After an interregnum, which was dedicated to pursuing studies in other areas of her interest, Carla returned to the musical world in 2008 – a year that would prove to be one of many achievements. She took part in various initiatives proposed by her city’s Culture Department, such as the Barcelos Band Festival or the Meeting of Young Fado Singers from Barcelos, and was part of various musical projects as a performer and composer.

From 2008 to 2010, she lent her voice to the compositions of Dr. Armando Caldas, participating in 2009 in the Grande Noite do Fado de Braga event, where she won second place. The following year, she won first place with her rendition of Sabe-se lá.

In 2013, she took part in the Grande Gala de Fado do Porto, blowing away the audience at the Teatro Sá da Bandeira with her rendition of Amália Rodrigues’ Amor de mel, amor de fel, winning first place.

Always carrying her black shawl with her, and always with great humility and respect for her heritage, she has performed hundreds of shows throughout the country and abroad, taking fado as far as Spain, France and Germany. Amália Rodrigues, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Alfredo Marceneiro and Fernando Maurício are some of his main references.

In 2017 she presented her first album, Identidade, which invites you on a journey through her main Fado references.