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All of our Fado

Do you want to really get to know the Portuguese Fado? All of our Fado?
While you taste the traditional Tawny Porto in one of the oldest historical blocks in downtown Porto?

Only at Fado na Baixa.

Live, every day, four artists, male and female Fado singers and top musicians, open their hearts and invite you to get intimate with our Fado in all its unique and different expressions.

Fado na Baixa

Traditional Fado

The beginning of everything, the pure fado. The emotion, the historical load, the total and inevitable surrender of the Fado singer and musicians.

Fado na Baixa

The Portuguese Guitar

Top guitar players (both Portuguese guitar and classical guitar) showcase the ability of the true queen of Fado. The expression of the guitar player in the two iconic and truly different playing styles: Lisbon and Coimbra.

Fado na Baixa

Fado de Coimbra

The romanticism, the expression of strenght, influence and youth of one of the most ancient Universities in the world. Always sung by a former university student, jus tlike tradition demands!

Fado na Baixa

Amália Rodrigues

Unique and truly imortal. We honor Amalia every day at Fado na Baixa, so that she continues to live in us and to inspire our visitors in her special way.O Fado, Hoje.

Fado na Baixa

Present Day

What the passage of time does to Fado every day. The “Fado-song” genre, the folklore, even the pop music and the contemporaneity as inevitable and beautiful contributors to our Fado.

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Visit us in optimal sanitary safety and get to know fado in its legendary emotion.

Fado shows in Porto

We produce and take to the stage unique presentations of Coimbra and Lisbon’s Fado with impeccable technical and artistic quality.

We bring to life, in our small auditorium, live music performances that allow our visitors not only to listen, but also to get to know Fado’s history and essence.

We also set stage in the home of others. We go to different venues and build customized combinations of repertoire and scenic alignments depending on both the event and the public. This results in unforgettable and culturally enriching interventions.


Mine. Unique. Fado.

We bring to life, in our small auditorium, multimedia shows that allow our visitors not only to listen, but also to get to know Fado’s history and essence.

Over the course of an hour, some emblematic Fado themes are played live, along with segments of a short documentary, which revisits, through testimonies of characters tightly associated with this musical genre, some of the key moments in history of Fado, designated, in 2011, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We promote culture and tourism in Portugal.


Traditional Fado

The experience begins with Traditional Fado, the Fado of hoarse voices and careless language, diminished by the country’s aristocracy at the time. Then it explores the mysteries and evolution of the Portuguese Guitar, the faithful companion of all Fado singers. It also passes by Coimbra, the eternal city of students, which, swarming with passion and culture, witnesses the birth of its very own song, that, by the end of the 19th century, would be called Fado de Coimbra. The fourth segment of the show is dedicated to Amália Rodrigues, who brings new poets and gives Fado an unmistakable character and an unprecedent recognition across borders. We finally arrive to the present day and to the fusion of Fado with new contexts, people, musical styles and audiences.


Fado with translation

The show takes advantage of the simultaneous translation technology installed in the Fado na Baixa auditorium, which allows visitors to listen to multimedia content in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French. Other languages will follow soon.

1 Hour show

Ribeira - Oporto

Simultaneous translation technology

Multimedia content in PT, EN, FR e ES

Live music performances

Coimbra and Lisbon's Fado

Our musicians and Fado singers | All of our Fado

The live Fado interpretation is assured by credited musicians and Fado singers, with verified curriculum in the instrumental and vocal areas of Fado. They give to Fado in the exact measure of what they receive: everything.

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