Fado Na Baixa - Live Fado Concerts

Fado Na Baixa

Rejoice and embrace Fado’s soulful passion, right at the center of Porto.

Our shows are uniquely curated and transcend the concert format, thus bringing to life an unforgettable experience. 

No other music sounds like Fado. No other venue hosts Fado like us.

Join us in this emotional embrace of cultural and historic richness.

Wine tasting included.

Live Fado Concerts

At Fado Na Baixa, we bring to life Fado concerts that encompass all of its history. This is how you truly get to know Fado.

Beyond entertainment, we aim to bring our audiences closer to Fado’s history and essence, both in understanding and appreciation.

Within one hour, Fado won’t just be a memory of your trip to Porto – it will be a part of your sensibility. 

We await you, right at the heart of Porto. 

What makes Fado Na Baixa unique?

– Our presentations of Fado are adorned with candid short testimonials (with live translation) from our fado singers and guitar professors, providing you insightful context for the experience.

Our talented musicians stay true to the many iterations of Fado, from Traditional, Coimbra and Amália Rodrigues’ Fado, leading up to the Fado of the present day. 

– With us, you don’t just listen to Fado: you feel and understand it. 

What Our Show Entails

Portuguese Guitar

The queen of every Live Fado Concert at Fado Na Baixa. It has the ability to unearth our musicians' inspirations and our audiences' deepest emotions. Much more than an important part of the Portuguese culture, it is the boat that allows us to set sail and discover new worlds.

Traditional Fado - Fado Na Baixa - Porto
Traditional Fado

The birth of it all - the pure Fado.

This is the Fado that renders our words obsolete and seizes all of our hearts, audience and musicians, to something much greater than us. 

All of this awaits you, right at the heart of Porto.

Coimbra Fado - Fado Na Baixa - Porto
Coimbra Fado

Originally from one of the most ancient Universities in the world, Coimbra Fado irradiates romanticism, strength and the wit of the youth. 

Just as tradition demands, it is always sung by a former University student. 

Amália Rodrigues - Fado Na Baixa - Porto
Amália Rodrigues

Unique and truly imortal.

We honor Amalia every day at Fado na Baixa, so that she continues to live with and within us, inspiring our visitors in her special way.

Present Day

Where Fado resides today.

We explore the current state of the “Fado-song” genre and how it engages with folklore, even  pop music. 

As contemporaneity reveals itself to be inevitable and, above all, a beautiful contributor to our Fado, we showcase how Fado is living and breathing.


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Fado Na Baixa awaits you, right at the heart of Porto.